Escaping from a slaughterhouse, this lovely couple will overcome whatever it's in their way to get their freedom, joining forces and qualities.

Will they find what they most want, surviving their way through the city? Or the real question is, does what they want even exists on the society we live in? And if does, what sacrifices need to be done to find the ultimate search for freedom?

A game by:
Dumitru "Dumivid" Dulgheru : programming & level design
Felipe "Fela" Llorca : art, music & sfx

All game resources were done in a week for the Weekly Game Jam #109 with the theme 'A Sad Ending'.
If you encounter an unexpected bug, use "R" button to restart the level.

Rated 5.0 out of 5 stars
(2 total ratings)
AuthorsDumivid, fela
Made withConstruct
Tagsblood, Construct 2, Dreams, Horror, psychedelic, Spooky


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What a unique little experience this was! I was very pleasantly suprised by how much depth this wee puzzle platform game has!

The whole idea of having more than one character to switch between isn't a new idea, of course, but the art style and the feel of the whole thing had an odd, eerie charm that I can't say I've come across before!

Basically you take control of a sheep and a chicken (quite odd-looking specimens, to be truthful) attempting to escape from a slaughterhouse. There's a lot of macabre things hiding in plain sight in this game (like boxes full of what seem to be human body parts and pools of blood sloshing around), and it'll definitely leave you feeling strangely uneasy... in the best possible way!

Definitely recommend this to anyone looking for a quirky platform game, and a tip of the hat to the devs, keep up the awesome work =)


Thx dude for all the warm words. I remember your video on April Snowfall, another game I made some time ago. Hope to see you around, good luck with your channel and persist with good work!


Thanks man, already posted a comment on it. It means a lot.

Nice work! Great concept, really cool art, music, sfx! All top notch. It definitely fit the theme through and through.

My only critiques would be the controls were a bit wonky. I could work through them, but at times it definitely felt like I was fight the game engine rather than controlling it.

My other critique is a spoiler, so stop reading now if you haven't played!!!

(I'll try and leave out any big descriptions, but the final "memorial" scene, after you complete the last level, seemed tonally dissonant from the weighty feeling the rest of the art, music, and events expressed. I guess this is a your-mileage-may-vary moment, but that one animation felt almost comedic, after feeling very heavy and sad. But this may not bother other players, so eh. Just my two cents.)

A really good entry overall though! Great work.

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Thx dude, appreciate your feedback. The last part was made in a rush so we had to make it work. Instead of using complex event, I did a simple trigger to make it finishable.

If we take the devil advocate role, we can say that the finale was made in a very Japanese style, where comedic and tragic are combined into 1 without any boundaries. So shhh, let's pretend that this is how the finale was planned initially.😅

No problem! It was a really great game. My ending critique was honestly just a little nitpick. As a huge anime fan, I know exactly what you are talking about!

Thanks man, i'm really glad you like it and get it through the end. Yea the ending maybe was a little off, i really wanted to make an emotional link between the animals and the player, but it's not as easy as i thought it would be, so i just made a memorial in the credits to have something for the ending. A cutscene with animations was something that was on my mind too, and would have been better must say, but with inexperience and short time it's best i could get. Thanks again for playing the game.

Honestly, I got that link! The final level was great... I saw it and was like... oh no.... 

 And as I said in another post, my comments on the final screen are really just a nitpick. Great work!

great art and music and the concept of 2 partners!...but in 3rd scene i frustrated too much.

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Thanks! It's been a ride doing all the art in a week. Yea, gotta say that the grid and the tileset could have a little more synergy with the jump height and general size of the sheep. Besides that, love the result we got from my partner and I. Glad you like the music too, indeed i did it with much love, trying to empathize the moments and creating an emotion to the levels. Hope in a future to be able to crossfade between tracks and stuff.

Gotta say level 3 was hard to get to some people of mine too. The posibility of the chicken being above the sheep is a game mechanic that was never explicit to the player. If you liked the music, would love you to pass level 3, the music it's a whole thing with different emotions divided through the levels.

Well, I have tried to make the design as intuitive as possible, maybe I need to rethink some moments like level 3 and 5. Thx for feedback.