Q-Ti Bird, a small game where you goal is to survive as long as you can to take highest-score possible. Improve your skill, try your best, collect them all.

Game features:
 -Multiple enemies types
 -3 power ups: Score amplifier, Immune, Slow-Mode
 -Cute main character
 -Quick smouth gameplay
 -Fast learning curve
 -Fancy graphics

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Install instructions

 Visual and Graphics' assets used to create Q-ti Bird. Feel free to use them as you want, for personal/commercial projects.  

 If you are interested in source code, you need to pay for it and also have Construct 2 to read it. After buying, if you have questions how code work, send me an email: suddenimpactstudio@gmail.com

The Source Code contains examples of:

-Basic project settings for Web/Mobile
-Local storage (Work on web)
-Physics (Used for character)
-High score
-Music/Sounds implementations
-Shake usage
-Interactive Web links
-Bonus system
-Slow mode
-Points accumulation
-Trail and particle usage
-Randomised Enemy/Bonuses spawn


Q-ti Bird Assets.png 630 kB
SFX.rar 5 MB
Construct 2 Q-ti Bird Source.capx 9 MB

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